Thursday, March 29, 2007

Why American Idol fans love and hate Sanjaya?

American Idol- Why does there seem to be an American Idol contestant every year that falls into the "Clay Aiken" mold. I think one of the reasons is there is a certain percentage of Americans that just love to root for the underdog. I believe this comes from seeing a little of ourselves in the underdog. American Idol fans are everyday normal people who don't have much if any talent of any kind, so when they see "one of us" getting a chance at becoming famous or going after their dreams we think about what it would be like if we made it that far. So when we feel this connection we tend to vote for them. The other reason has to do with the American counter culture. These are Americans who just want to vote for the opposite of what middle America likes. The last reason is he is Indian and maybe he is drawing a lot of the votes from people of Indian decent. I mean they are the second largest race on the planet. Anyway, I think that in the end America will make the right decision and select an American Idol whoever that might be. Any comments would be welcome on this subject.

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JayGT said...

I think you're right. But maybe Sanjaya is doing well because of ?

One HUGE difference between Clay Aiken and Sanjaya is Clay could sing. Sanjaya can't sing his way out of a wet paper sack...